One Big Echo – an award winner

One Big Echo of a Much Nicer Place recently won first place for fiction and short stories, at the 2010 Holyer an Gof awards ceremony held in Waterstone’s, Truro.

Sometimes dubbed ‘The Cornish Bookers’, the event is an annual competition to celebrate local publishing.

You can find out more about the award from this report from the This is Cornwall website.


2 Responses to One Big Echo – an award winner

  1. Sue says:

    Hi Martin,
    Picked up your book one big echo in printmakers gallery in St Ives, just finished it. Best thing I’ve read this year! Lovely writing, great characters & totally original stories. Please write some more!

  2. gorah says:

    Thanks very much, Sue. Really heartening to read that.

    I have written another collection, but I’ll need to see how many stories I end up chucking out before I can tell if I have enough material.

    (Ruthless self-editing is the key, at least for me!)

    Of course, if I had any sense I would have written a novel, not another short story collection. I’m working on that…

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