Official – The Indian Cornish

Following on from my previous post about the Cornish/Indian connection…

I’ve been living in Bangalore for a few months now, and you’d imagine Cornish people would be pretty thin on the ground. But I have discovered an interesting Cornish/India connection in one of my partner’s best friends.

She is an Anglo Indian, a term given to people with a part British, part Indian heritage. This multiracial group was a common phenomenon when the British ruled India because, to put it bluntly, officers and civil servants did a lot of fraternising with the locals.

So, I discovered recently, her grandfather turns out to have been a Cornish soldier based in Bangalore, who had an Indian mistress.

He’s buried somewhere back in Cornwall and I’ve promised to look up the grave and get a picture to her.

It’s not like she’s on the mead and pasties every evening or greets you with a ‘Namaste, my ‘andsome.’

But it’s an undeniable Cornish connection, all the same.

So you’ve met Cousin Jack. Now meet Cousin Ramesh…

It all sounds like good material for a story…


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